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Stories from the Shanghai lockdown: PCR test body horror + “Run P.R.C” + quarantine hotel pop-up concepts + Voices of April
The curious case of the “Chinese Dictionary”: BBK master race + dither punk sinofuturism + playdating for two decades + homebrew tamagotchi
Slash fiction in China post AO3: hitting the org//asm paywall + meal replacement fandom diets + Alpha-Omega-McDonald’s + cyber tomb-sweeping
Pornography in China: desiring the potato queens + erotic-cultural imperialism + porn stars as teachers + smut hooliganism
Pizza dough radicals + The secret history of Shaxian Foods + “a very sad flowchart” + the Chongqing noodle gentrification theory
An evolving dictionary of the Chinese web: Receding dreams + cut chives + positive energy orgies + Chinese youth react to daddy vibes
“No hookups, yes Jubensha” + more Sleep No More + a history of escape rooms in China + the revolutionary potential of bad endings
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