Jan 5, 2022 • 1HR 0M

Radio Hour #1: "Trees Aren't Real"

A Podcast! Lo-fi takes to chill-out to + the Chaoyang Trap 2021 review (zero stars) + Sanhe youth lifehacks + diversifying your shrub portfolio + WAGAS CHAT

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Chaoyang Trap
A podcast about everyday life on the Chinese web. We’re interested in marginal subcultures, tiny obsessions, and unexpected connections. We want to feel like the best group chat that you’ve ever been in.
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In this Episode: Krish, Simon, Zoe, Jaime, Yan, Caiwei, Ting, Aaron, Sasha, Tianyu, Christina, and Makob Jangles.

Tianyu: Happy new year! By popular demand, we’ve recorded a podcast.

Krish: We recorded a lo-fi zoom call with 12 people across four time zones.

Tianyu: Yes. Things, understandably, were a bit chaotic.

Krish: So we’ve structured this like a …

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