Nihilistic self-improvement + Tinder guy reacts to Feminism + The Virgin/Chad/Speedrunner spectrum
The curious case of the “Chinese Dictionary”: BBK master race + dither punk sinofuturism + playdating for two decades + homebrew tamagotchi
Pornography in China: desiring the potato queens + erotic-cultural imperialism + porn stars as teachers + smut hooliganism
China’s videogame historians + Flash in the Pandemic + Gold Miner: Absolution + High iQue Society + Nintendo’s and don'ts
Slash fiction in China post AO3: hitting the org//asm paywall + meal replacement fandom diets + Alpha-Omega-McDonald’s + cyber tomb-sweeping
A new type of China Tinder Guy appears + meme page alignment charts + dongbei humblebrag
Taiwanese Indie Music in China: Mayday in Hyper-California + Punk Rock Solidarity + Buff Doge vs Zongchai
McDonald’s spam emails + GIF Talent Agencies + Cat Ideology Reveal + Celery Fanclubs
Indie Game Devs in China: Steam as Liminal Space + Eastward Beyond the Firewall + Horny on Main(land) + Cultivation Cults
Stories from the Shanghai lockdown: PCR test body horror + “Run P.R.C” + quarantine hotel pop-up concepts + Voices of April
The Season Finale roundtable: what is “wanghong” urbanism + fake street culture nostalgia + the logic of internet fame + punch-in to punch-down
Pizza dough radicals + The secret history of Shaxian Foods + “a very sad flowchart” + the Chongqing noodle gentrification theory