Nihilistic self-improvement + Tinder guy reacts to Feminism + The Virgin/Chad/Speedrunner spectrum
Recreational Vehicle Capital of Shandong + The Horseshoe Theory of Chinese Fashion + “B̌̃eĕ̐̃̀ ͉ͤMy͊̓̇͊st͂͒ͬ̒e͍̦̯̪͍r̗͓͈͇̽͛̏ͦỹ͎̤͆”
McDonald’s spam emails + GIF Talent Agencies + Cat Ideology Reveal + Celery Fanclubs
Big Yoghurt conspiracy theories + Throw a ko-fi to your fansubber + Adorable boomer emojis 👍
Say No to 1 元 WeChat Rap Lessons + Bloodz Boi plugs Chaoyang Trap + Fully Automated Luxury Hyperpop
Pitch guidelines + rates + themes and questions + inspirations
Who ate all the iconoclasts + When VR feels warmer than reality + 5/5 😈 inner Mongolian metal
Turning your male idol to your female lover + Criminal Law Cancel Squad + lofi beats to slash fic to
A new type of China Tinder Guy appears + meme page alignment charts + dongbei humblebrag
A lit/based China newsletter for hot/cringe times